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Vannes, Seaside Tourist station in Southern Brittany: Keystone Gulf of Morbihan, Vannes is a very old city.

Vannes is the capital of Morbihan, a marina, a fortified place, a medieval city, a city of art and history, the quays lined with trees, houses of the 15th century and the streets where fleure good easy living.

Its ramparts are home to one of the most beautiful collections of ancient architecture of Brittany, perfectly preserved and richly animated. The port is in the city mingle reflections sails, trees and medieval houses. Always near the historic center, not far from the sea, one walks there with happiness.

The former residence of the Dukes of Brittany, Vannes is winning today as the city average most dynamic of France. A picture of a city in full expansion known for its economic dynamism, human scale, Valves offer inexhaustible sources of discovery.

Vannes is also: a large service sector, industrial sector development in the food, materials, water sports, a strong academic potential (3rd University of Brittany), a very strong demographic vitality. 58000 people 4000 companies Towns flowered 4 flowers Blue Flag